Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Womb Twin Survivors have lived their entire lives in pandemic-like themes due to their pre/peri-natal life-and-death imprints: sudden disruption, despair, grief, isolation, incessant loneliness, uncontrollable chaos, impending doom, life/death coping for survival, feeling responsible for others while needing to be ‘Self’ish, lack of support for grieving important yet unknown losses. Womb Twins live their lives still connected to their primary bonds from the womb, causing contradictions which are becoming evident in the pandemic for all: here/not here, healthy/terminal, close/distant, comfort together/suffering alone, everything/nothing, threat/safety, alive/dead...loved ones dying alone, unwitnessed just like our womb twins. Womb Twin Survivors are the lone witnesses who never forgot and suffer the affects of traumatic loss daily. They were originally conceived as twins/multiples but got born as singletons ... they don't feel lucky, they start their day crying unconsolable tears of deep inner tragedy nobody knows about...and now this. This seems familiar...we know how to do this. Pandemic society must be concerned with the dangers of proximity which is so very Womb Twin, “alone together” is helping WTS to feel connected in ways that weren’t possible before. We can rise up and share our gifts of coping and survival with others, recognizing our strengths as well as our weaknesses, bridging gaps between the born and unborn worlds of relational dynamics. On the other end of the spectrum, familiar themes are potential ‘triggers’ for activating old memories in our imprint which can dysregulate us, send us out of our window of tolerance and into Hyper or Hypo Arousal. Womb Twins live in Flight-or-Flight mode until they heal, always scanning for danger because they’ve witnessed, in fact marinated in, life-threatening, inescapable events before birth with their closest bond(s) so the way this sits in the mindbody is similar - in fact, the pandemic feels ‘normalizing’ to many WTS who walk around with an inner story nobody knows about.  Now, we ALL have an ‘invisible enemy.’ Finally, the outer world is matching the inner world...there is recognition and there are resources…this is a whole new reality - that is the shocking part for Womb Twins in this, not the familiar trauma of death and chaos. Many WTS feel responsible for the death of their twin causing intense survivor guilt. During the pandemic, shopping can be a challenge because they don’t know what an acceptable level of hoarding is against their original wiring to be a twin - they tend to go to either end of the spectrum: I must buy more than two+ of everything so we have enough or I feel too guilty getting all the food while others die so I will go without. Another intense theme is boundaries and invasion-control, especially for twins who absorbed their twin, boundaries are difficult but we need them strong for protection now. Everyone does. So even on a cellular level, this levels the playing field for Womb Twins who have always felt different than everyone else. Now we are in this together, the Womb Twin healing is all around despite the adversities: We see the Covid-quarantined Womb Twin Survivor Father isolated from family learning new ways of valuing his survival skill to stay alive in confusion and loneliness. We see the Womb Twin Survivor Pandemic Nurse learning to practice self-care rather than get depleted due to compensation of her womb story - ‘saving her twin’ at the expense of herself and getting burned-out on long shifts would be an easy way to compensate for survivor guilt and regress to the comfort of the womb out of exhaustion, only to find the same life/death themes in the inner split of twin duality - so ensuring nourishment, rest and repair is critical to maintaining a strong, singular Self on the front lines called Life.  Everyone is watching now and not being alone with it helps Womb Twins tremendously. Spectrum of Womb Twin Survivor PTSD Issues which align with the Covid-19 pandemic: -STILLNESS - CHAOS -ANXIETY - NUMB -AVOIDING - MERGING -HOARDING - SCARCITY -IMPENDING DOOM - SAFETY -TOO CLOSE - TOO FAR -UNCERTAINTY - CONTROL -HYPER - HYPO VIGILANCE -BOUNDARIES - INVASION -ENDURING - DWINDLING -EXISTENT - NON-EXISTENT -IDENTITY CONFUSION - AUTHENTICITY -HELPING OUR TWIN NOT DIE - HELPLESS WHILE OTHERS DIE -SINGLETON - TWIN / MULTIPLE REACTION MODES Some Valid Womb Twin Questions: -What is a “normal” amount of hoarding:    am I hoarding for one, two or more? or none? -What is an “appropriate” amount of self-sacrifice:    am I giving for one, two or more? or none? -How can sudden silence mean peace & protection, not death & despair? -How do we manage reactions for Singletons in death panic vs Twins/Twinless/WombTwins?  Challenge for All: Staying Regulated and Empowered by being Proactive rather than Reactive, while navigating familiar themes involving real life/death, fight/flight now - together, not alone - knowing that this is a new reaction under similar themes but that it is separate and can have its own new path and outcome. Opportunities Now: Womb Twins are maximizing this time to allow themselves to feel more entitled to surviving/thriving/sustainability, passing their survival wisdom on to others, empowered to feel more authentic with their gifts in the world. The Womb Twin Survivor curve is likely flattening due to the suspension of IVF/ART procedures as well as parenting reconsiderations, this prevents untold suffering, as we manage effects already in existence. There are very positive developments going on in the WTS community despite the human tragedy we are all facing at this time. Overall, despite some triggers, Womb Twin Survivors worldwide are on the front lines surviving and thriving, as they have since before day one, ready to create the new day. To learn more about Womb Twin Survivors and their pre-natal imprints, stay tuned for and wombTV launching soon...                       Thanks for reading - stay healthy + safe out there! Posted by Monica Hudson at 19:26

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